Monday, September 27, 2010

The Entree

Would be interesting if I'd know it'd come from a French word.

I am being positive on this one, I ranted about all weekend.

Shoulda blogged.  Been a minute.



french think an Entrance. Interesting, never (having been raised American knowing the entree to be main course...din-din).

Not the fucking appetizer!

Get it straight man.

This is America.  Have you not accustomed yourself to our rules? haha

Have the understanding that we created an empire!  We can sure invent our own definitions for other language's words.

I mean "duh".. (another American colloquialism).


I am not box headed, nor will I be.

I have the understanding you know what you are talking about , but don't get angry with me for my ignorance.

I gave you what you asked me for man.

All four entrees...The three somewhat of an entree dishes you asked for...the crab legs you specified were to be your Entree....... AND a smile!

I knew you were a little caught up were specific to say "entree"...I mean you said ENTREE!!! LOL

I am American and born that way.  So be it.

The entree and appetizer of my life is God.

Love Him, and nothing is going to stop you.

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