Monday, September 27, 2010

The Entree

Would be interesting if I'd know it'd come from a French word.

I am being positive on this one, I ranted about all weekend.

Shoulda blogged.  Been a minute.



french think an Entrance. Interesting, never (having been raised American knowing the entree to be main course...din-din).

Not the fucking appetizer!

Get it straight man.

This is America.  Have you not accustomed yourself to our rules? haha

Have the understanding that we created an empire!  We can sure invent our own definitions for other language's words.

I mean "duh".. (another American colloquialism).


I am not box headed, nor will I be.

I have the understanding you know what you are talking about , but don't get angry with me for my ignorance.

I gave you what you asked me for man.

All four entrees...The three somewhat of an entree dishes you asked for...the crab legs you specified were to be your Entree....... AND a smile!

I knew you were a little caught up were specific to say "entree"...I mean you said ENTREE!!! LOL

I am American and born that way.  So be it.

The entree and appetizer of my life is God.

Love Him, and nothing is going to stop you.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Would you please...

Step out of the way!

Seriously people, have some courtesy.

I am living in an area which is very populous.  I am into the idea that many of you are here from other countries and other parts of OUR country.  But you have to get along with the locals.

This first starts with the occasional stop to look at the display table on the sidewalk.  You know the one, with the hats and t-shirts....and....this is on a very large sidewalk.....where people are sidewalking.  Walking.....  trying to walk.

Will you please get the heck out of the way.  There is no need to pile up 6 people to look at one item and block the entire walkway.  Please.

Then the store, I must get into before I get to work.  Double doors, both open.  Why are you starting to walk inside, and STOPPING in the middle of the doorway.  Can anyone else please get inside?  Oh, no , this is your personal store.


is no longer permitted in the middle of the sidewalk.  Please don't just STOP.  we are walking.  You are causing tremendous pile ups of people, making us late... Please....keep going, or veer off to the left whereas we have the space to freely move around you.

Lastly.  It's not common here to get a ticket for jaywalking.

On some small streets where there are no cars, it is perfectly acceptable to walk across the street at a red light.  If you are going to wait for the light to turn green, or the little white man light to come on...GET OUT OF THE WAY.  don't hover on the corner blocking every outlet to get across the street.  Cross or move!!!!

Please have sidewalk courtesy when visiting Manhattan.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Karaoke FIRE

Oath :  On my honor I try my best to serve God. I do not judge the weaker human.  The best I can...

It's very hard to do on Karaoke night.

I walk into a bar on Karaoke night as a singer.  It's what I do.  Everyone in there is a 'something' who sings a bit of Karaoke.  They sing,  I wail.  I impres the crowd, and with a few followers, head to my glass of beer in the back where I am sitting.

Certainly making note of my extra long kinda epic Gladys Knight song, this man wants me to know that he will be singing soon.

"Great!",  I say. (smiling) "Can't wait to hear it!"

He replies back big grin, "YEAH!!!! I'm gonna ROCK OUT!!!!!!"

"AWESOME!" I sweat it not at all... I'm just like "Yeah man!! Rock it OUT!!!".  Expecting nothing less.

Nothing less than a good song.

You could be the worst singer in America.  You could have a dang line of coke in the bathroom seconds before being called.  I only think it's important at Karaoke, that if you are willing to let everyone know you are ready to rock out........

You better have some good damn song.  OK wait.... There are many good songs.



Let's provide an example of this.  A young man I know occasionally will hit up a jam I go to and play Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers.   Now that's a rockin' out kinda song.

It's karaoke, there are countless numbers of rockin' songs.

This young  begins his song....

and sings "Accidentally in Love", by the Counting Crows.

Now, I said there are many good songs.  This is a great song, but not in the context of rocking out.


So she said what's the problem baby
What's the problem I don't know 
Well maybe I'm in love (love) 
Think about it every time
I think about it
Can't stop thinking 'bout it

How much longer will it take to cure this
Just to cure it cause I can't ignore it if it's love (love) 
Makes me wanna turn around and face me but I don't know nothing 'bout love 

Come on, come on 
Turn a little faster
Come on, come on 
The world will follow after
Come on, come on 
Cause everybody's after love

So I said I'm a snowball running 
Running down into the spring that's coming all this love 
Melting under blue skies 
Belting out sunlight 
Shimmering love 

Well baby I surrender 
To the strawberry ice cream
Never ever end of all this love
Well I didn't mean to do it 
But there's no escaping your love

These lines of lightning 
Mean we're never alone, 
Never alone, no, no 

Come on, Come on
Move a little closer 
Come on, Come on
I want to hear you whisper
Come on, Come on 
Settle down inside my love

Come on, come on 
Jump a little higher
Come on, come on
If you feel a little lighter
Come on, come on 
We were once
Upon a time in love 

We're accidentally in love 
Accidentally in love [x7]


I'm In Love, I'm in Love, 
I'm in Love, I'm in Love, 
I'm in Love, I'm in Love,
Accidentally [x2]

Come on, come on
Spin a little tighter
Come on, come on 
And the world's a little brighter
Come on, come on 
Just get yourself inside her 

Love ...I'm in love 


If this dude was trying to impress me with this song I don't know what the hell he was thinking.  I am never going to put Rocking out, and Counting Crows in the same category.


Sorry man.

Zeppelin, Hendrix....GnR man......



Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok, there are rules.  There's proper procedure, etiquette when approaching women at a bar.

I was out with my girl yesterday.  We are doing our thing...girls time....really enjoying it.  After several hours of beers, shots, and snacks, we are ready to pay up and perhaps go to another spot.

Two men have recently sat about 3 bar stools down from us, start sparking up a conversation.

Our beers are  empty.

We are checking out...signing our credit  card slips.

(Enter real man)-----Hey, you guys are leaving?  Can we get you a drink before you go???

(enter last night guys)'re leaving....

(We kinda look at one another)

"Well we have been drinking for like three hours"


"oh you should stay!!!...." (insert about 5-10 minutes of dialog having nothing to do with our empty beers....until....


we think we're getting somewhere.

"So what were you two drinking??? What's the empty beer???"

... I reply, she replies.

Still ...  


I kinda look at her, she looks at me.

She says...we could probably get a free one if we went to...


Got our bags and ditched the two fools sitting ... now alone... at the end of the bar.

Night night.

Dudes.  You see a girl with an empty bottle of beer.  Talk to her...

If you want her to stay, BUY HER A BEER.

Don't hold her in conversation for fifteen minutes empty.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please be advised.

I am into dining out. 

I almost always want a glass of water as soon as I sit down.  I grew up in a place where that is a given...everywhere.

I don't get that everywhere. 

Other places make you beg for it.

Many times out of habit I am ordering a water I never touch.

At the very last we are paying the bill, I always take the water and gulp it down.  I hate that the server went to the trouble of fixing it for me, and I not only didn't use it, but didn't want it.

If you don't want something, don't order it.

I am closing the bar tonight and I have a few late nighters.  You know the people want a last drink and don't want to do the thing where you care about the many people serving you.  You are going to give us about a dollar a piece...(no exaggeration).  yes, this month, every dollar counts.

bud light works!  it's cheap and very easy to do.

I am instructed (after having been cleaned up for hours)  to make a margarita with (by company orders) salt, sugar, 2 fruits ladled in, and a lemon squeezed. plus our secret syrup and some mix.....

it's late...and i am really not happy about this.  i do over come my feelings where i could just cheat it (as any other bartender would in my position) I am company policy always and I make it to the perfect recipe.  

Kinda like the scenario about my water.  I didn't want it, neither did she.  

It sat for about an hour before we had to ask them to leave.   A whole margarita aaaaa   wwwwhhhhhhoooooolllllleeeeeeee margarita in the sink to do nothing to anyone......   man what a waste.

Please be advised.  I don't care, you are our guest.  Please be welcomed when my freeking door is open but will you for God's sake have a little care and concern?!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


There's got to be one.  You know eh...  whatever I don't fuck care to say too much about it.

Assholes are like UGH.

The ones who will say the most offensive thing to you at the most inopportune moment.  i e Hot Dog Guy.

interesting scenario there whereas there are 2 Hot Dog Guys.

Guy A.  is trying to con a guy to sell him a hot dog for $1.  They are $2 man.  I mean come on. I can tell you didn't come from the gutter.  You are not poor by any means.  Why mention it.  Knowing full well you can make a hot dog at home way less expensive...these guys are making there money.

You then want to come out and say to I make my point to say "dude shut up it's a dollar!"  ... say "I got money.  I could show you a thousand dollars right now..."

Yes this impresses me.

Then to the bus where I am eating my hot dog...and asshole #2 says..."yo, I got ya hot dog back here to eat next"  . . .

thanks.  ruin my appetite.

i get off the bus and wait until it is about to leave to get back on.

talking to my guys.  the bus is run by a group of older men and .. well a few of their wives.  they are protective.  i leave from work late, and are always up for saying hello, and asking about my day.  the man tonight says, they have many drinks tonight.

Drinks?? eh, I have drinks

You can have 12 drinks....if you are a normal , respectable member of society, or you can have 12 drinks and be an asshole.  They are assholes before consuming alcohol, no doubt about it.

The group of assholes proceeded to yell and moan very loudly for about 4 minutes about having to wait....while I said they were welcomed to pay the driver to pay for the empty seats. otherwise shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my ride home in peace.

you are so much an asshole you didn't even give in to that.... $8.  you just let them fucking fill the bus and continue to yell and banter until my stop.  which i forgave you freely...and came in to just say.

If you are willing to be an asshole cheap then do your thing way far away from where I hang, please?!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Tonight there's no rant

In my life tonight I was looking for something to set me off into a rant that would build on a blog.  But...I can't complain.  Had a decent night not a damn person got on my nerves enough to write on....till I got home online dating.

Ok.  recently I put myself out there...just for the sake of maybe...I don't date, I talk, I decide if I am interested to go far, no.

I don't want that to be my topic...

it's the guys online...

man  that guy.

You can use the phrase "that guy" in so many contexts..

This was starting to be about "that guy" the one like the Jersey Shore dudes....LOL omg He is like IT where he his tanned skin, waxed brows, and spiked up hairdo.  Says......"your cute".

Pet peeve.

Know that your is a possessive word.  Like, your share, or your family.  Your cute would not work....rather You are...or You're.  I am 33.   Have you been to High School.  I'm not a GED level you can be able to know You're from your.


Then there's that other guy.  The one who "knows you".

Ironically I wanted to blog about something related to this that happened with a work associate....the one who KNOWS you.

K I gotta be blunt I am a hydro fanatic.  THC 420.  I am happy to have it on a weekly basis and I don't waste my money, it is an investment.

I got to internet dating and it says "Do you do drugs?" NO, YES, SOCIALLY


So this douche (mind you...not at all attractive in my eyes)  Says, "Hey, I think you're cute...especially where you say you do drug socially.  Um, what do you do?? If I may ask"

I normally like rock D-bag I have a bit of pot tho, wanna smoke it?

NOT....get to reading the profile and you have the typical I think I am way more than I ever could be dude, and you just say Douche.  I did too.  I wrote back, I think you're a Douche.

LOL YES>  the rant of the eve is to the Douche.

Raise your glasses to him ladies and gentlmen!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Boss

"If a cop pulled you over and said you were doing 55 in a 25, would you ask them if they were sure of the speed limit?   Would you ask them "oh sir, are you sure that it's against the law that my headlight is out?"

Probably not.  Because he/she is the expert, no?

Let's take this for example in my business.  I serve food and drinks for a living.

Woman sits at my bar.

"Hi!", I say, "can I help you find something".

 "Oh well, the guy downstairs says I can get food to go. "

"OK", I add, "but look at the upstairs menu, some items have changed and it is more current."

"Oh, are you certain ....?"

"Yes, I am sure, look at the menu".

"But the guy downstairs said.."

"I understand this, but as I am telling you, the paper menu isn't the current one".

I could leave the part out where the same young man who gave her this menu suggested she order grilled shrimp and sausage...covered in diced tomatoes and green onions...the one that comes with a sauce, over top of mashed eat, while walking down the street, but I think it just added to the understanding that I have the better knowledge.  Now, I'll be happy to have you take my apron and begin working for my company, but for now, let's decide I know better.

I firmly suggest fries instead of mashed potatoes....and put the order in.

"ooh, ooh!!!", she says, "I almost forgot, I wanted to also ask about the ... ... ..."

You know how the story goes.  She, of course was going ask about one of the items that we discontinued about 5 months ago....


Let me be the expert, thanks!

I mean, wow.

*******   What I am about to be posting hasn't even been read by me yet..

The instant I caught it, I knew......I just copied......

Here I am.

Ready to make a move.

This may or may not be the only post which actually is my Mother's status.

But this.......



after joining Facebook.


OK, so I know I'm really a newbie to FB, and a tech ignoramus but I want to add my maiden name to my profile and can't figure out to do it. Tried editing my profile but that didn't work. Anybody??

( the time I got to this message her Maiden name is there)



It's interesting that my Mom would have such a word in a Facebook status.  

I will take up a topic of ignorant people.

Today I am sitting on a bus with what I would constitute ignorant people.

They were just as much prone to what I am referring to as the Facebook generation.

You have your typical high school couple who got pregnant and decided to have a little one.  .   . 2 years later.

It's sad.

Really, the kid's happy.  Anyone would come by and say....oh so....cute.... so.. happy.

but I say.

Omg the kid had some candy and you should be wiping it's face...

:( not to mention the cavities .   but like red sticky . . . substance . . their hands...on the seat...the germs.. . . kids.

had a baby.

they are on their phone.  playing.  Facebook.



happily.  GREAT.


omg ... just say...

hey.  on a . . bus... um.

lower it a little....or just like...

can you PAY ATTENTION to your child???

just a little.

for the sake of company.

on a bus....

my rant for the day. 

patting myself on the back here.

have no kids.  mean no offense or harm.    

INTRO (ihope)

Welcome to my blog.

I am of the Facebook generation,

and it hit me...

no matter how many things I have had the nerve to say on there have I ever felt the need to completely stop writing  a status message.

I have  my nieces on there.  They are not naive.  They are  14 and 16.  Been there, done that.  It's like...I remember where I was their age (if anything, transcendence will prove true).

So i am just me.

I live my life with good things...

My father took up the Facebook habit long before my mother.

I am not the same way with my father.  Not to get too personal, but we got to know one another at a later point in life.  My dad and I are more like friends.  I never feel like I have to hide ANYTHING from my father.

Plus,   He's gaming, that's not my thing on there.

He just posts silly shit when he just doesn't get what I am referring to...and goes about business that I have nothing to do with.  
I appreiciate that my mother is already with more friends on her Facebook than associates of mine have had for years. But, she's already using, not words.  . . . omg lol and dykywsbis? (didn't you know you were supposed to be in school?)!!!!!!

Idk it's just like she's a senior citizen!!!!!

i am ranting.

this is the blog. 


shit you think and can't say...or won't say....
or choose not to talk about.

it's my opinion

i am one human in touch with reality...

from the perspective of someone a little older, yet younger enough to have respect.  and understand the metaphysical side to life in America.  2010...till whenever I stale of this blog.  or have writers block.

man.  i live for new things... go getting my new adventure.

my mom joined facebook.