Saturday, September 4, 2010

Would you please...

Step out of the way!

Seriously people, have some courtesy.

I am living in an area which is very populous.  I am into the idea that many of you are here from other countries and other parts of OUR country.  But you have to get along with the locals.

This first starts with the occasional stop to look at the display table on the sidewalk.  You know the one, with the hats and t-shirts....and....this is on a very large sidewalk.....where people are sidewalking.  Walking.....  trying to walk.

Will you please get the heck out of the way.  There is no need to pile up 6 people to look at one item and block the entire walkway.  Please.

Then the store, I must get into before I get to work.  Double doors, both open.  Why are you starting to walk inside, and STOPPING in the middle of the doorway.  Can anyone else please get inside?  Oh, no , this is your personal store.


is no longer permitted in the middle of the sidewalk.  Please don't just STOP.  we are walking.  You are causing tremendous pile ups of people, making us late... Please....keep going, or veer off to the left whereas we have the space to freely move around you.

Lastly.  It's not common here to get a ticket for jaywalking.

On some small streets where there are no cars, it is perfectly acceptable to walk across the street at a red light.  If you are going to wait for the light to turn green, or the little white man light to come on...GET OUT OF THE WAY.  don't hover on the corner blocking every outlet to get across the street.  Cross or move!!!!

Please have sidewalk courtesy when visiting Manhattan.

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