Saturday, August 28, 2010


There's got to be one.  You know eh...  whatever I don't fuck care to say too much about it.

Assholes are like UGH.

The ones who will say the most offensive thing to you at the most inopportune moment.  i e Hot Dog Guy.

interesting scenario there whereas there are 2 Hot Dog Guys.

Guy A.  is trying to con a guy to sell him a hot dog for $1.  They are $2 man.  I mean come on. I can tell you didn't come from the gutter.  You are not poor by any means.  Why mention it.  Knowing full well you can make a hot dog at home way less expensive...these guys are making there money.

You then want to come out and say to I make my point to say "dude shut up it's a dollar!"  ... say "I got money.  I could show you a thousand dollars right now..."

Yes this impresses me.

Then to the bus where I am eating my hot dog...and asshole #2 says..."yo, I got ya hot dog back here to eat next"  . . .

thanks.  ruin my appetite.

i get off the bus and wait until it is about to leave to get back on.

talking to my guys.  the bus is run by a group of older men and .. well a few of their wives.  they are protective.  i leave from work late, and are always up for saying hello, and asking about my day.  the man tonight says, they have many drinks tonight.

Drinks?? eh, I have drinks

You can have 12 drinks....if you are a normal , respectable member of society, or you can have 12 drinks and be an asshole.  They are assholes before consuming alcohol, no doubt about it.

The group of assholes proceeded to yell and moan very loudly for about 4 minutes about having to wait....while I said they were welcomed to pay the driver to pay for the empty seats. otherwise shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my ride home in peace.

you are so much an asshole you didn't even give in to that.... $8.  you just let them fucking fill the bus and continue to yell and banter until my stop.  which i forgave you freely...and came in to just say.

If you are willing to be an asshole cheap then do your thing way far away from where I hang, please?!

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