Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please be advised.

I am into dining out. 

I almost always want a glass of water as soon as I sit down.  I grew up in a place where that is a given...everywhere.

I don't get that everywhere. 

Other places make you beg for it.

Many times out of habit I am ordering a water I never touch.

At the very last we are paying the bill, I always take the water and gulp it down.  I hate that the server went to the trouble of fixing it for me, and I not only didn't use it, but didn't want it.

If you don't want something, don't order it.

I am closing the bar tonight and I have a few late nighters.  You know the people want a last drink and don't want to do the thing where you care about the many people serving you.  You are going to give us about a dollar a piece...(no exaggeration).  yes, this month, every dollar counts.

bud light works!  it's cheap and very easy to do.

I am instructed (after having been cleaned up for hours)  to make a margarita with (by company orders) salt, sugar, 2 fruits ladled in, and a lemon squeezed. plus our secret syrup and some mix.....

it's late...and i am really not happy about this.  i do over come my feelings where i could just cheat it (as any other bartender would in my position) I am company policy always and I make it to the perfect recipe.  

Kinda like the scenario about my water.  I didn't want it, neither did she.  

It sat for about an hour before we had to ask them to leave.   A whole margarita aaaaa   wwwwhhhhhhoooooolllllleeeeeeee margarita in the sink to do nothing to anyone......   man what a waste.

Please be advised.  I don't care, you are our guest.  Please be welcomed when my freeking door is open but will you for God's sake have a little care and concern?!

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