Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok, there are rules.  There's proper procedure, etiquette when approaching women at a bar.

I was out with my girl yesterday.  We are doing our thing...girls time....really enjoying it.  After several hours of beers, shots, and snacks, we are ready to pay up and perhaps go to another spot.

Two men have recently sat about 3 bar stools down from us, start sparking up a conversation.

Our beers are  empty.

We are checking out...signing our credit  card slips.

(Enter real man)-----Hey, you guys are leaving?  Can we get you a drink before you go???

(enter last night guys)'re leaving....

(We kinda look at one another)

"Well we have been drinking for like three hours"


"oh you should stay!!!...." (insert about 5-10 minutes of dialog having nothing to do with our empty beers....until....


we think we're getting somewhere.

"So what were you two drinking??? What's the empty beer???"

... I reply, she replies.

Still ...  


I kinda look at her, she looks at me.

She says...we could probably get a free one if we went to...


Got our bags and ditched the two fools sitting ... now alone... at the end of the bar.

Night night.

Dudes.  You see a girl with an empty bottle of beer.  Talk to her...

If you want her to stay, BUY HER A BEER.

Don't hold her in conversation for fifteen minutes empty.

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