Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Boss

"If a cop pulled you over and said you were doing 55 in a 25, would you ask them if they were sure of the speed limit?   Would you ask them "oh sir, are you sure that it's against the law that my headlight is out?"

Probably not.  Because he/she is the expert, no?

Let's take this for example in my business.  I serve food and drinks for a living.

Woman sits at my bar.

"Hi!", I say, "can I help you find something".

 "Oh well, the guy downstairs says I can get food to go. "

"OK", I add, "but look at the upstairs menu, some items have changed and it is more current."

"Oh, are you certain ....?"

"Yes, I am sure, look at the menu".

"But the guy downstairs said.."

"I understand this, but as I am telling you, the paper menu isn't the current one".

I could leave the part out where the same young man who gave her this menu suggested she order grilled shrimp and sausage...covered in diced tomatoes and green onions...the one that comes with a sauce, over top of mashed eat, while walking down the street, but I think it just added to the understanding that I have the better knowledge.  Now, I'll be happy to have you take my apron and begin working for my company, but for now, let's decide I know better.

I firmly suggest fries instead of mashed potatoes....and put the order in.

"ooh, ooh!!!", she says, "I almost forgot, I wanted to also ask about the ... ... ..."

You know how the story goes.  She, of course was going ask about one of the items that we discontinued about 5 months ago....


Let me be the expert, thanks!

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