Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I mean, wow.

*******   What I am about to be posting hasn't even been read by me yet..

The instant I caught it, I knew......I just copied......

Here I am.

Ready to make a move.

This may or may not be the only post which actually is my Mother's status.

But this.......



after joining Facebook.


OK, so I know I'm really a newbie to FB, and a tech ignoramus but I want to add my maiden name to my profile and can't figure out to do it. Tried editing my profile but that didn't work. Anybody??

( the time I got to this message her Maiden name is there)



It's interesting that my Mom would have such a word in a Facebook status.  

I will take up a topic of ignorant people.

Today I am sitting on a bus with what I would constitute ignorant people.

They were just as much prone to what I am referring to as the Facebook generation.

You have your typical high school couple who got pregnant and decided to have a little one.  .   . 2 years later.

It's sad.

Really, the kid's happy.  Anyone would come by and say....oh so....cute.... so.. happy.

but I say.

Omg the kid had some candy and you should be wiping it's face...

:( not to mention the cavities .   but like red sticky . . . substance . . their hands...on the seat...the germs.. . . kids.

had a baby.

they are on their phone.  playing.  Facebook.



happily.  GREAT.


omg ... just say...

hey.  on a . . bus... um.

lower it a little....or just like...

can you PAY ATTENTION to your child???

just a little.

for the sake of company.

on a bus....

my rant for the day. 

patting myself on the back here.

have no kids.  mean no offense or harm.    

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