Wednesday, August 25, 2010

INTRO (ihope)

Welcome to my blog.

I am of the Facebook generation,

and it hit me...

no matter how many things I have had the nerve to say on there have I ever felt the need to completely stop writing  a status message.

I have  my nieces on there.  They are not naive.  They are  14 and 16.  Been there, done that.  It's like...I remember where I was their age (if anything, transcendence will prove true).

So i am just me.

I live my life with good things...

My father took up the Facebook habit long before my mother.

I am not the same way with my father.  Not to get too personal, but we got to know one another at a later point in life.  My dad and I are more like friends.  I never feel like I have to hide ANYTHING from my father.

Plus,   He's gaming, that's not my thing on there.

He just posts silly shit when he just doesn't get what I am referring to...and goes about business that I have nothing to do with.  
I appreiciate that my mother is already with more friends on her Facebook than associates of mine have had for years. But, she's already using, not words.  . . . omg lol and dykywsbis? (didn't you know you were supposed to be in school?)!!!!!!

Idk it's just like she's a senior citizen!!!!!

i am ranting.

this is the blog. 


shit you think and can't say...or won't say....
or choose not to talk about.

it's my opinion

i am one human in touch with reality...

from the perspective of someone a little older, yet younger enough to have respect.  and understand the metaphysical side to life in America.  2010...till whenever I stale of this blog.  or have writers block.

man.  i live for new things... go getting my new adventure.

my mom joined facebook.



  1. It hadda happen sooner or later kid. I'm more concerned for those "Girls Gone Wild" chicks when dad decides to break down and order one of the videos.
    Hey, I'm on Blogspot too, ya know?